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Inconsolable 🖤

Hearing your Sweet voice and your smile , In a small talk for a while, How could i forget that one splendid walk half-a-mile... That changed the way I look, my mind and my style, But then, Days and nights moved like a snail, Trying hard to escape from your memories jail, But i fail... Cause the never-again thought of us keep on trail, Hoping you'd come to me with a bail, But You left me all alone,and I was so pale, At the end, My Love for you was nothing but a  Fairy tale !!! You Loved me the way I never felt, You Left me the way I  never expected !💔
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My Thought For You ❣️

Poem is just a combination of the different perspectives you see things or feel it and the words rhyming with those feelings written with great pleasures  The way I see the world is what brings me a feel that makes myself admire my poems  The mindset you fix helps you to see the world and things in a different way... Everyone can write things, but to write it in a way that makes everyone admires is little bit  Difficult and much important For writing such things you need to love those feelings so that it comes in a flow.  Love is the key, when you love the world, you'll wonder and describe all your feelings in a beautiful way. Thats what turns you into a poet❣️ Spread Love and feel happy for it💞

An Unforgettable Soul🖤

Life is a Beautiful Art, everyone has their own Part... No matter if you complete it or not, One day you'll be taken apart! Why do we come and Why do we go? To share all the love we own... Nothing is the only thing we take above, So it does matters what we leave below...❣️ Wherever you've gone, Return If Possible! I can feel you right now even though you're not visible... The one who loves you, will miss you a lot! You'll always have a Beautiful place in their thought Feel so misery, that  you're so far apart... But I'm Sure that you'll stay forever in my heart🖤

First Love❤

First time you saw me, I felt Butterflies and bliss 💫 First love is where you get craziness and your first kiss!!! When you hug, I freak out and freeze, Whenever you cross, I feel a new breeze, Conveying love with Chocolates and flowers Thinking about you happily for hours 💕 No limits for the Gifts and letters, You made me look and dress much better! Never forget to make you smile , Even when I Feel so shy, Little fights make us Break out and cry, Even though we try,  When you are in love , Even the air smell so good In the Thoughts of you , I forget to eat My food Love makes you bright and glow, Makes you write Poems in a flow ☺ When in love , Everyday is a new feel, Before first love, We Never had this deal... . . . Somewhere, Somehow we met each other , In the the name of love,We Stay  together , Forever and ever! ❤

I'll be there for you❤

Whenever you Need me , I'll be there! When you fall, I'll be the stair... World may Cheat you, I'll play Fair, 👑 Whatever Problem you Face, we can Share, People may Hurt you, I do Care... 💫 You'll always be in my prayer , No matter what I'll Love You to the Core!  ❣️